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Calling ourselves a data-driven, problem-solving, people-connecting, talent-engaging creative agency is too long winded.

So we call ourselves

Two Palms Media

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Digital and Social Media Services Two Palms Media

Social & Digital

We’re Sydney’s fastest-growing social media marketing agency, specialising in creative content for maximum brand impact. Our experienced team covers the full spectrum of social and digital media services, from strategy to content creation, platform management, and ROI-driven campaigns. Rather than following trends, we create them.

We can create the high-quality assets required to fill your content calendar with engaging posts, and keep up to date with trends across every platform, both existing and emerging, so your brand is always seen as innovative and responsible. With us as your social media management agency in Sydney, you really don’t need to worry about a thing!

Creative and Content Production Two Palms Media

Creative & content production

We know how content creation in Sydney and around Australia works. We understand what type of content performs well, which styles convert best and most importantly how to get your message across in a fun, engaging and meaningful way. That’s because our Sydney content agency literally lives and breathes it.

Producing content isn’t just something our entire team are passionate about – we live and breath it! With decades of combined experience flowing through the spaces of the Two Palms office, we’re ready to take on any project, no matter how big or small.

PR and Activations Agency Two Palms Media

PR & activations

Two Palms Media has been at the cutting edge of PR and event activations since the day we opened, and we’re proud to have grown to become the top brand activation agency in Australia. With an unwavering passion for helping brands launch world-class campaigns, our team works closely with clients to develop every step from strategy to execution.

Fast forward to today and we’ve been the brains behind some of Australia’s most celebrated market activations and press releases, generating tremendous exposure across social, print, online publishing and TV for our clients. No campaign is too large or small for our Sydney event activation agency, and one thing we pride ourselves on is producing results and brand experiences that go well beyond the brief.

Influencer Marketing Agency Campaigns Two Palms Media

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Getting your brand in front of the right eyes takes more than just posting a few Reels to Instagram and busting out the odd TikTok or two. You need in-depth content strategies, exciting activations and in 2023, a dedicated influencer marketing campaign to make the most of digital media’s most powerful advertising methods.

There’s a lot to manage, and that’s where Two Palms Media makes things easy with an award-winning, experienced team at the helm of the best influencer marketing agency Australia has seen in recent years.

Talent Management Agency Two Palms Media

Talent management

Two Palms Media are proud to manage some of Australia’s most influential and creative talent, covering a wide range of industries and disciplines. From lifestyle to travel, sports to health and everything in between, our family of influencers, content creators, musicians, TV stars, models, celebrities, actors and athletes are the best in the business.

While other agencies doing talent management in Sydney cast their representation nets wide to cover as many influencers and celebrities as possible, we go the other way by being highly selective with who we bring Under the Palms. This helps us ensure that the jobs the client needs executed with the help of the Two Palms family will always be of the highest calibre, with vetted metrics, professional reporting, innovative designs and smooth sailing.

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