Meet the Team

Behind every good creative media and content agency is a world-class team, and we’re pretty proud of ours!
Let’s meet the official Two Palms family.

Will Hodgett – Co-Founder & Director

Wayfaring traveller, ocean fanatic and major sports fan, Will is the perfect balance between chilled out and loving a good time! He left Australia in 2014 for a two month road trip and never returned. As former Creative Director at GoPro, Will went on to clock up up 7+ years as one of GoPro’s main filmmakers and creative masterminds. As a kid he wanted to be Indiana Jones and to be honest, if you take a look at his life now, we think he got pretty close!


Nick Kavo – Content Producer

Known for his notoriously ‘chilled as a cucumber’ attitude, Nick is a desk-dwelling Canon nerd and editor Monday-Friday, travel influencer the rest of the time. When he’s not riding in helicopters in the Northern Territory or jumping off waterfalls in New Zealand, he’s working hard to put together epic edits for the likes of Tourism Australia/Tasmania and GoPro, just to name a few. 

Cira Ucelay – Senior Producer

Hailing from the Canary Islands – Cira is a rockstar producer who kicked off her career with 4 years at GoPro, where she produced the hell out of some incredible launch productions, athlete projects and campaigns. She’s much loved for sunny and positive outlook(unless you film something without a permit), and she loves cracking a cold one. A woman of many talents, she also records her own podcast and loves to rap?! However she has developed a reputation for changing other peoples Spotify music mid-song to put on her beloved reggae-ton…

Sabrina Schieder – Social Media Manager

Sabrina is our native German speaking, social guru, citizen of the world! Sabs has spent the past few years exploring the world on her own digital nomad journey – surfing in the Canaries, free diving in Mexico and living la vida loca in Spain, all while balancing university degrees, internships and managing social channels for surf camps along the way. When she’s in the office you’ll find her bouncing off the walls drinking 7 coffees at once to quench her addiction…but when she’s out of the office you’ll find her totally chilled, taking to her hammock and camper to explore and relax out in nature. A walking paradox. And her special talent? Whistling extremely loud without using her fingers.

Ed Ringwood – Founder & Director

Ring a ding ding, you’re on with the king! Two Palms Media was founded in 2019 by Ed Ringwood aka. Mr Two Palms Media, after over 7 years spent perfecting his knowledge of all things social, digital and content. He’s a Brit, but we don’t hold that against him. When he’s not sipping on Yorkshire tea, he’s either on his way to a sweat sesh at 98 Riley Street, or around the corner getting his daily Mrs. Palmers sandwich.

Ed Ringwood

Victoria Brazier – Producer

Even though she’s on Malaysian time, you can always count on Vic to be there when you need her! When she’s not out exploring the jungle – lathered in plenty of SPF (talk about glowing skin!) -you’ll find her heading up the production team at Two Palms. She’s oh-so efficient and is the master of Monday – if you need the perfect board built out, she’s your girl.