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Tourism Tasmania

Instant Experience

November 2020

Prior to Tasmania opening their borders to the rest of the country in November 2020, Tourism Tasmania requested the Two Palms team to create unique and compelling social ads to drive traffic to the state. Reimagining over 150+ existing assets for a social setting, we created 5 Facebook Instant Experiences, a number of engaging Instagram stories and a handful of in-feed posts.

Tourism Tasmania was rewarded with the best results of social media campaign activity to date, exceeding all benchmarks and KPIs. The response to this campaign was exceptional positive consumer sentiment and user engagement, with viewers not only commenting with consideration and intent to travel, they also commented on the creative approach and out-of-the-box campaign! 

The Floating Sauna Instagram story performed particularly well, delivering a click through rate of 68% above previous benchmark, demonstrating the creative was highly engaging and drove intent. The Instant Experience was perceived with unprecedented high engagement, with 3.2M Video views, 302K link clicks and an average of 29 seconds spent on the digital experience. On Pinterest, our creative assets received 590K views and 16K engagements, with 77% of users stopping their scroll to take the time to watch our content, resulting in over 2.5K pins.  


Total Reach


Video Views


Link Clicks

29 s

Avg. Interaction Time


Click Through Rate

Two Palms used clever after effects, animation and editing techniques to reimagine existing assets for this brief. They created a deeply immersive static and video campaign, delivering multiple in-feed, story and instant experience placements. The campaign became Tourism Tasmania’s best performing social media campaign to date, exceeding all benchmarks and KPIs. Feedback and engagement on posts was extremely positive, with a number of even commenting on the creative and campaign strategy itself.

– Tourism Tasmania on Genero

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