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May 2020

For Nutri-Grain’s 2020 ‘Unstoppable’ campaign, Caroline featured as an unstoppable and determined BMX pro-athlete and Nutri-Grain ambassador. Alongside Australian Pro freestyle BMX rider Rhys Kember, Caroline appears in a 15 and a 30 second spot, tailored for both social media and TV commercials. To date, her face and her story can be found on the back of the Nutri-Grain cereal boxes in supermarkets all across the country, and Caroline continues to shine light on her unique story of overcoming adversity, sharing her training routine and behind the scenes clips on social media.






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As Nutri-Grain’s brand ambassador, Caroline Buchanan can be found representing them across TVC’s, social media and on product in supermarkets around Australia, making her one of the most recognised athletes in the country. If you need someone as successful and influential as Caroline Buchanan to represent your company, get in touch with us today!