Sam Evans

Media kit 2022


While some creators slipped through the cracks of the COVID era, Sam excelled in this new environment, shifting his focus to digital media, online experiences and virtual storytelling. Sam has worked with some of the leading lifestyle brands across the globe, from shooting the launch video for Samsungs S20, to hosting Adobe Premiere Pro Masterclasses, filming Hayden James’ Australian tour, and promoting global travel as QANTAS ambassador, to shooting for Audi, JBL, Seadoo and SODA Shades.

His drive for creativity, refreshingly positive energy and go-getter approach to content has enabled him to create long-term relationships with global brands and iconic individuals, never ceasing to amaze the world with exceptional storytelling content. Life simply seems brighter and more adventurous when captured through his lens


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  • 2020

    Launch of Adobe Premiere Pro Masterclass

  • 2019

    Sam took over the creative lead on Samsung’s Galaxy Fold as Creative Director, creating an eye-catching and breathtaking launch campaign

  • 2018

    Content featured in National Geographic, promoting destination travel for South African Tourism

  • 2017

    Sam secured his spot as Qantas and Audi Ambassador – which he holds until today

You’re in good company

Sam has worked with a number of high end lifestyle, performance and entertainment brands, ensuring every brand story is told in a creative and engaging way.

Sam Evans is one of our exclusive family members at the Two Palms talent management agency. Want to see how Sam can work with you on your next project?