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Sjana Elise is a renowned Australian yoga and wellness influencer, captivating audiences worldwide with her dedication to a holistic and healthy lifestyle. With an impressive social media presence, Sjana has become a beacon of inspiration for those seeking physical and mental wellness transformations. She’s a sun seeking, ocean lover and travel enthusiast that lives life to the fullest – and as if that was not all, she’s a published author of the book You Will Rise.

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A bit aboutSjana

Through social media Sjana shares her journey of self-discovery, mindfulness, and healthy lifestyle. Her feed is a visual testament to the transformative power of yoga, meditation, and a plant-based diet. She encourages her followers to embrace wellness as a way of life, inspiring them to nurture their bodies and minds. With her 500 hrs RYT Yoga Teacher Certification, she’s not only inspiring people online, but she’s hosting wellness retreats across the world where you can join her in person for a transformative experience.

Her genuine passion for health and an authentic commitment to her audience shines through in all her partnerships. Get in touch to explore the world of possibilities together with Sjana!

A look at aRecent Campaign

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A recent creative content campaign Sam completed the delivered the following:

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Share how our service would help him share how the product would be able to handle her sweaty workout sessions, fun surfing sessions, hanging on the beach and doing yoga.

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Ways to work withSjana Elise

Orange Centre Underline Two Palms Content Agency


Licence content from Sjana to authentically align, amplify and connect your brand with a targeted audience through social, website and OOH.


Whether you’re hosting an event or need an expert in their field. Contact us to bring the personality and authenticity to your audience and ensure the message makes it’s mark.


Engage the right talent to attend your events to generate live content and a PR opportunities to elevate your brand.


Work with the right personality to amplify your brand to the right audience. A credible talent that can further extend your reach.


Social first content that creatively connects with your audience and effectively delivers your brand message.


Include an authentic and creative voice with a passion for storytelling as part of your next campaign.

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