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Fabio Tischler

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Fabio Tischler, widely known as Fabreezy, is a multifaceted creative powerhouse making waves in the world of FPV drone racing and content creation. Hailing from Australia, Fabio is not only a top-tier FPV drone pilot but also an influential content creator, captivating audiences with his breathtaking aerial footage and thrilling adventures.

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A bit aboutFabio

Fabio’s content is a testament to his mastery of the FPV drone world, where he showcases his high-speed flights, mesmerising tricks, and mesmerising aerial perspectives. His daredevil skills have earned him recognition as one of the leading figures in this adrenaline-fueled sport.

Fabio’s talents extend beyond FPV racing; he has collaborated with brands and media outlets, showcasing his expertise in creating captivating content that pushes boundaries. 

With a passion for pushing the limits of what’s possible in FPV drone racing and content creation, Fabio Tischler is the ideal collaborator for brands looking to infuse their campaigns with high-energy action, innovation, and creative excellence. Partner with Fabio and soar to new heights in the world of digital content and FPV drone racing.

A look at aRecent Campaign

Orange Centre Underline Two Palms Content Agency

A recent creative content campaign Fabio completed the delivered the following:

Brief in a tweet

Through your creative lens, develop a series of pov short films that tell a unique story about our destination

Platform Activated



Engagement Rate




Some of the brandsFabiohas worked with

Orange Centre Underline Two Palms Content Agency

Ways to work withFabio Tischler

Orange Centre Underline Two Palms Content Agency


Licence content from Fabio to authentically align, amplify and connect your brand with a targeted audience through social, website and OOH.


Whether you’re hosting an event or need an expert in their field. Contact us to bring the personality and authenticity to your audience and ensure the message makes it’s mark.


Engage the right talent to attend your events to generate live content and a PR opportunities to elevate your brand.


Work with the right personality to amplify your brand to the right audience. A credible talent that can further extend your reach.


Social first content that creatively connects with your audience and effectively delivers your brand message.


Include an authentic and creative voice with a passion for storytelling as part of your next campaign

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