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Two Palms Media is a content production agency in Sydney that proudly works closely with some of Australia’s biggest and most creative brands. From Amazon to Tourism Australia, GoPro to Spotify, Two Palms are the go-to content agency for companies that need a boutique firm in their court for creative direction and social marketing campaigns.

We know how content creation in Sydney and around Australia works. We understand what type of content performs well, which styles convert best and most importantly how to get your message across in a fun, engaging and meaningful way. That’s because our Sydney content agency literally lives and breathes it.

Producing content isn’t just something our entire team are passionate about – we live and breath it! With decades of combined experience flowing through the spaces of the Two Palms office, we’re ready to take on any project, no matter how big or small.

You have probably already seen our work on social media and TV. We’re the brains behind the content strategy for Tourism Australia’s global sensations PhilAUSophy and Instagram Itinerary campaigns, and the content creation marketing agency trusted by GoPro for every camera launch event they’ve held in recent years. It’s safe to say that we know what it takes to strategise, plan, execute and deliver world-class, engaging, award-winning content.

Our skills aren’t limited to only creating content for clients seeking an international audience though. Keeping it local, we’ve been the go-to Sydney content production agency for activations and product launches for the likes of Amazon Prime, Heineken and Vive Active.

All of this is only possible thanks to the fantastic content marketing team we’ve carefully put together behind the scenes. Our Two Palms family are the most sought-after professionals in Australia for video production, content marketing services, social media content, graphic design, brand strategies, motion graphics and photography assets.

If you need compelling visuals to bring your business to life across all forms of digital media and technology, we’re here for all your content marketing needs.

Content Marketing Agency - Creation and ProductionServices

Creative Strategy and Production

Creative Strategy and Production

Elevate your storytelling with Two Palm Media’s creative strategy and production services. From briefing to design to creation, our team loves nothing more than taking an idea and turning it into something powerful. Don’t leave the execution of your marketing campaign to chance – our content creation agency is ready to deliver exceptional results.

Video Editing and Still Photography

Video Editing & Still Photography

Creating the content is just half the job. The real magic happens in the editing room, and our award-winning video producers know how to make visuals pop. As a full service content production agency, you never have to worry about layers, sound design, colour grading and storytelling again. And if you need still photography to cover the entire suite of media, we’re pretty great at that too.

Animation Illustration Design Agency

Animation, Illustration & Design

We can animate your brand’s essence and illustrate its soul in a way that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Our animation, illustration and design services are where precision meets whimsy, turning ideas into visual assets that do more than just please the eye. Let your brand’s visuals do the talking and leave the creative side to us.

Event Photography Content

Event Content

At Two Palms Media we capture compelling event content that showcases the essence and energy of your big activation. Utilising a mix of vivid visuals, engaging narratives, and sharp, clear messaging, we ensure your event resonates with its audience, creating a memorable experience. From pre-event hype to post-event engagement, we cover the entire content spectrum to maximise your event’s impact.

Podcast Production

Podcast Productions

Audio is the new video, which is why we specialise in podcast production, turning your ideas into engaging audio experiences. Our Sydney-based team handles every aspect from conceptualisation, recording, editing, and distribution, ensuring your podcast creates sound waves with your intended audience. We help you craft podcasts that not only tell your story, but also build a loyal listener base.

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There’s nothing we love more than working with fantastic businesses with a good story to tell, product to sell or just have an intention to do well (like what we did there?).

When you’re ready to work with a social content creation agency that turns audiences into customers with high quality, engaging concepts, get in touch today!