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Develop and roll out White Claw’s Social Media Strategy – exploding Summer brand activity the White Claw Way.
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The Insight

White Claw’s foundation is all about community and collaboration but White Claw is more than an invitation to uncomplicated fun. White Claw is an icon whose time has come. White Claw invites people to see the world through an active, optimistic lens. By creating new standards of premium-ness for all. And let’s challenge the world to choose the fresh taste of the new wave.

What we did

Embed White Claw into local sub culture. Infiltrate 4 brand aligned subcultures, creating groundswell through the voices of influence within each subculture – both advocates & brands. Develop epic, trailblazing content from advocacy activities that can be scaled via social amp.




Audience Growth


Highest in AU

White Claw Social Media Agency

To take over the Australian market, White Claw tasked Two Palms to host a national experiential campaign, including content production, social media management, advocacy engagement and event management. Want to see how we can bring your brand to life across all touch-points? Get in touch today.