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Drive positive edoresement and advocacy of Atomos’ brand and products through creatively curated digital storytelling
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The Insight

To cut through the noise and capture the attention of the target audience, we needed to establish a genuine connection and build trust. Diverse perspectives engage and build brand loyalty, while localised messaging ensures relevance. We needed to get noticed, foster trust, and become the go-to brand through creative collaboration.

What we did

We onboarded three creative advocates in the US and Canada over a 12 month period to create a suite of branded content including hero long-form content, BTS videos, tutorials, stills and monthly reviews. Content authentically highligthed the Atomos products, and how they can be effectively integrated into the production process.


Content Pieces





Atomos Content Production

Atomos turned to Two Palms Media to execute a 12-month content production campaign with added advocacy endorsements, and we’re proud to have delivered the project with exceptional results. Ready to do something similar with your brand? Get in touch with us today.