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To further the growth of the GoProANZ social channels and cultivate an engaged community of both fans and creators, in turn, increasing awareness and sales for the GoPro brand across Australia and New Zealand.
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The Insight

With an excess of brands vying for consumer attention, human connection drives cut-through.

What we did

We manage the GoProANZ socials with a view to support all of our fans as emerging or established creators, spotlighting good work and elevating those who show a particular talent for content creation with GoPro cameras. Through consistent connection and continued work on relationship building, we maintain a UGC content strategy, with the majority of our social content created and submitted by our #GoProFamily members.




YoY Growth



GoPro Social Media Agency

GoPro are the market leaders for epic content, and with Two Palms being their preferred social media agency in Australia, we’re excited to continue growing their fantastic brand throughout the region.