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Long Term Partners

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Create and maintain strong relationships with Australia’s homegrown entertainment talent through varying curated initiatives. Including both planned projects, such as collaborations on original content and promotions, as well as surprise initiatives that aim to showcase and support the talent in unique and exciting ways.
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The Insight

Amazon’s unrivaled entertainment prowess unlocks boundless value for homegrown talent. By unleashing the power of Prime Video, we can offer talent unparalleled exposure and collaboration opportunities.

What we did

Year on year, we scout new creators to onboard them as part of a vibrant talent community of Prime Video advocates.Through exclusive access to Amazon and Prime Video opportunities, we offer local and global experiences that support and propel their careers. From press junkets and premieres with A-listers to networking with fellow creators and attending global events like ComicCon, the program aims to nurture a reciprocal relationship.




Pieces of Content



Amazon Prime Video Influencer Campaigns

Our first partnership with Amazon Prime Video had such fantastic results from our bespoke influencer marketing campaigns that they now trust Two Palms Media to be their preferred partners for all things talent. Get in touch with us today to see how we can get you the results you deserve.