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Capture imagery and footage that honors the unique variety of tourism experiences across Australia, as part of the NECI initiative aimed at supporting Australian tourism post COVID-19
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The Insight

The last couple of years have been tough, especially for our tourism industry. So when Tourism Australia announced NECI, the $12 million initiative to spotlight and raise the profile of our country’s tourism operators, globally, Two Palms saw it as an opportunity to give something back to our operators.

What we did

We sent our crews to over 100 tourist operators in Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia to bring these experiences to life for consumer and trade audiences. Two Palms Media’s internal team collaborated with our national network of over 25 creatives to storyboard, capture and produce premium content that authentically told each operators’ story.




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Hero Films

Tourism Australia Content Production Agency

When Tourism Australia sent the brief to deliver high quantities of quality content, they knew we were up to the task. Get in touch with our content department today for a national storytelling and travel campaign.