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Pineapple Launch

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Generate sneaker level hype for the launch of the new limited edition White Claw Pineapple flavour ahead of summer
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The Insight

Although pineapple’s sweet and tangy flavor enjoys widespread appreciation, its presence on pizzas remains a subject of global division. The introduction of the new White Claw Pineapple was used to spark a renewed discussion about whether pineapple truly belongs on pizza.

What we did

To launch the new White Claw Pineapple to media and generate excitement, we seeded 10 x White Claw Pineapple kits to key Australian food/beverage and lifestyle media – giving them a first taste of the new tropical flavour before it hit Aussie shelves.

Delivered at lunchtime and to spark conversation about whether pineapple goes with everything (including pizzas and White Claw), each kit contained:
– White Claw Pineapple
– Branded Yeti esky
– Pineapples
– Pineapple ice bucket
– Pineapple pizza
– Personalised note with press release

White Claw Pineapple product was seeded to an additional 10 x media targets.

A digital press release was also developed and distributed to food/ drink, lifestyle and trade media to generate further editorial articles followed by targeted media pitching and liaison.


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White Claw PR and Content Agency

To generate hype around the new White Claw Pineapple flavour the Two Palms team went above and beyond the brief to deliver these exceptional PR activation results. Ready to launch your next product? Get in touch today.