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Embed White Claw into local sub culture. Infiltrate brand aligned subcultures, creating groundswell through the voices of influence within each subculture. Develop epic, trailblazing content from advocacy activities that can be scaled via social amplification.
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The Insight

Immersive experiences, influencer-driven content, and tapping into subcultures are effective strategies for creating a strong brand connection, enhancing brand visibility, and fostering a sense of authenticity and relatability among the target audience.

To drive cultural resonance in a changing, social-driven market we need to establish authentic brand connection, therough immerseive exepreinces, shared by trusted niche voices in each subculture – music, fashion, travel, and outdoors lovers.

What we did

We sent nine Wavemakers on the ultimate road trip to Bring The Wave to key neighbourhoods across NSW, QLD and VIC.

From sandboarding to wakeboarding to hitting up the best waves across the coast and ending up at a White Claw Weekend event, Wavemakers documented their experiences encouraging followers to enjoy summer the White Claw way.

Our Wavemakers drove a White Claw branded Jeep across the country, tapping into each of our subcultures along the way: from jam seshes with Boo Seeka and DJ sets with Kinder, spontaneous scootering lessons with Wazzeh, and surfing tricks with Shayelle.


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