White Claw X Barney Cools

White Claw X Barney Cools

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Get more 25-35y/o to choose White Claw – because it’s a f**king cool brand to session with mates.
White Claw Barney Cools Partnership Campaign
White Claw Barney Cools Partnership Campaign Results
White Claw Barney Cools Collaboration

The Insight

Fans are drawn to iconic and culturally significant brands, as they foster powerful emotional connections, a sense of belonging, shared experiences, enable identity expression, and fulfill the aspiration to be part of influential trends.

What we did

An exclusive fashion forward collection with Barney Cools that connected with our grass roots communities embedded in culture.

We leverage the partnership through a 360 lens and approach that allowed us to connect and explore new consumers across multiple channels. Leveraging the partnership across, social, PR, activations, venue, and tangible purchasable products that connected and were a must have fashion item for the summer.







Sold Out

White Claw x Barney Cools Partnership Collaboration

To celebrate the White Claw Brand and connect with our audience in a locally relevant and authentic way, our talent and brand partnerships team always has creative production ideas and impactful event activations in the works. Ready to make a splash of your own? Get in touch today.