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We are a digital marketing and social media agency that takes brand awareness seriously! Whether you’re looking for the skilful implementation of your next Instagram campaign or you’re after a team of experts to fully manage the social side of a new product launch, Two Palms Media has the experience and right people to achieve your Two Palms social media marketing goals to perfection.

As the fastest-growing social media marketing agency Sydney has seen in recent years, we specialise in creative content that gets your brand in front of the right people with maximum impact. We ensure that you’re not second-guessing your marketing activities or are left wondering why your sales and prospects don’t seem to be growing.

Having worked on the full spectrum of social media marketing services for our clients, from strategy development and content generation right through to hands-off platformstrategy development and content generation right through to hands-off platform management and paid advertising campaigns, our experienced team knows what consumers want and how to get you the best ROI. Other social media marketing companies wait to see what is trending.

Our creative agency develops the trends.

Our digital marketing services go beyond Facebook ads and influencer marketing (although we’re pretty exceptional at that too). At Two Palms, we manage your social media campaigns from ideation through to execution. We can create the high-quality assets required to fill your content calendar with engaging posts, and keep up to date with trends across every platform, both existing and emerging, so your brand is always seen as innovative and responsible. With us as your social media management agency in Sydney, you really don’t need to worry about a thing! Two Palms betreuen wir Ihre Social-Media-Kampagnen von der Idee bis zur Umsetzung.

Wir erstellen genau die Inhalte, die Sie benötigen, um Ihren Content-Kalender mit ansprechenden Beiträgen zu füllen. Dabei halten wir uns stets über alle Plattformen hinweg, über aktuelle sowie neue Trends auf dem Laufenden, damit Ihre Marke stets als innovativ und verantwortungsbewusst wahrgenommen wird. Mit uns als Ihre Social-Media-Management-Agentur brauchen Sie sich um nichts zu kümmern!

Whether you need social media management, influencer marketing, content creation or paid social ads, Two Palms team are ready to take your business to the next level.

Digital & Social Media AgencyServices

Social Media Management


Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter – the list of social media platforms that your company needs to be active across for optimum brand awareness and engagement growth is endless. And more platforms launch every year! 

To make things more complicated, the social media landscape is changing rapidly. New algorithms roll out almost weekly and organic reach is constantly shifting.

Don’t let your business fall behind. The Two Palms digital agency team are the experts at full-stack social media management, and your dedicated account managers will professionally handle all your social media profiles, from strategy to scheduling, elevating your brand awareness and social campaigns so you can focus on kicking your business goals.

Social Content Creation

Social Content Creation

The attention span of social media users is getting shorter and shorter, which means keeping your audience interested and engaged with your business requires a magnitude of quality content. If you don’t keep things fresh, you risk losing vital customer engagement. You can never have too much relevant content, and when working with the Two Palms social media marketing agency you’ll have a constant stream of new assets to share.

Our award-winning social media experts can create brand new content in your brand voice, Two Palms or even spin existing images and videos to match current target content marketing trends. Whether it’s snackable Reels or viral posts, your content calendars are guaranteed to be on point with our specialists on your team.

Paid Social Ads


An effective social media advertising strategy requires constant expert analysis and detailed conversion rate optimisation to ensure you are reaching the right target audience within budget.

With Two Palms n charge of your digital advertising campaigns, you can relax in the confidence that your dedicated social media marketing manager is keeping all your KPIs in check.

Don’t leave your marketing automation strategy in the hands of the Facebook Marketing Gods. Get in touch with the paid social ads specialists right here Under the Palms to find out how we can take your business objectives and put them in front of the right customers with laser-like focus, all while maximising your profits.

Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing is a proven method of skyrocketing a social media campaign to levels that not only generate authentic PR buzz, it can take exceed all results targets – if done correctly.

Working with the right influencers with is essential for any effective digital marketing project. It’s not just about the number of followers, it’s about having brand-relevant social media presence.

When trying to select influencers for your next campaign, leave the vetting and organisation to the social media agency that lives and breathes it. Our existing clients trust us to execute their high-level influencer marketing goals, and we’re excited to do the same for you on your next activation.

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We're aSOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGcompany doing things differently

We're a Social Media Marketing company doing things differently. 

When we grew tired of searching for a social media marketing agency that knew how to get things done properly, we took the best talent and strategies in the industry and started our own. 

The results speak for themselves, and we’re proud of the incredible work we have accomplished over the years.  

Check out some of our successful social media marketing campaigns with a few of our much-loved clients above, then get in touch to discover how we can work with you to get similar results.