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As a boutique agency, Two Palms Media are proud to manage some of Australia’s most influential and creative talent, covering a wide range of industries and disciplines. From lifestyle to travel, sports to health and everything in between, our family of influencers, content creators, musicians, TV stars, models, celebrities, actors and athletes are the best in the business.

You’ve seen them across the entertainment industry in film, commercials, television and social media. You have probably even made a few purchases based on their honest recommendations. Our talent are global brand ambassadors, connecting corporate businesses with targeted and engaged audiences by creating highly effective marketing content spanning across all digital mediums.

Talent of this calibre need an Australian agency that can help them best manage their time, allowing them to focus on the job of creating award-winning assets to share with their network. That’s where Two Palms shines as a talent agency. Our celebrity management services have been crafted out of years of experience connecting clients with creatives, looking after every stage from brief to final product delivery.

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Influencer Campaigns

We orchestrate influencer campaigns that are a magnet for high-end talent, showcasing the finesse with which we manage and elevate our talent roster. Our Sydney-based management agency connects your campaigns with the perfect talent, resulting in influencer campaigns that not only resonate with audiences but also get the media landscape talking.

We understand the allure of authenticity and the power of the right partnership. Our influencer campaigns are crafted to reflect the unique essence of each brand, while also letting our talent do what they do best and create a narrative that’s compelling for the audience. Our campaigns are not just about visibility, they are about creating a platform where talent can truly engage and thrive alongside your brand.

Working with Two Palms Media for your next influencer campaign means your incorporating our nuanced, tailored approach to amplifies your brand with the crème de la crème of influencer talent.

Licensed Content

The award-winning talent in our Two Palms family are not just influential people with large audiences – they are also incredible creators covering everything from FPV footage, cinematic video, tourism photography, world-first stunts and lifestyle visuals. It’s the kind of content that brands love to use, which is why what our talent creates can be licensed for your own marketing campaigns.

If you’re needing something fresh and original our talent can head out and shoot exactly what you need to a precise brief, featuring your brand prominently while maintaining authenticity. Or if you come across a piece of content you love on their socials reach out and we can help you license it however you see fit.

Brand Partnerships

Thanks to the power of social media aligning your brand with influential talent doesn’t mean forking out millions for A-list celebrities anymore. In fact the right partnership with a niche creator can bring in far greater results on your investment, and we have years of experience connecting those relationships.

Our talent are available for brand ambassadorships and exclusive content partnerships where the product or service carefully aligns with their own ethos and audience. We’ll help foster those conversations to ensure that the partnership is always going to be mutually beneficial, and ensuring that whoever is representing your brand is the right fit.

Keynote Speaking

Many of our Two Palms talent are world-class public speakers and performers, deeply passionate about their disciplines and have decades of experience presenting to massive audiences. If you need a keynote speaker for your next conference or event let our talent step up to the challenge and leave a lasting impression.

Event Appearances

Throwing a party or event and need some influential people to attend? Our talent love working the room and adding credibility to your brand, and are always happy to post about it on socials too.

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Johnny Tuivasa-Sheck

Travel, lifestyle, action

Alex Hayes

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Caroline Buchanan

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Fabio Tischler

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Kurt Tilse

Travel, Lifestyle

Sam Evans

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Sarah’s Day

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Sjana Elise

We're ATalent Managementcompany doing things differently

While other agencies doing talent management in Sydney cast their representation nets wide to cover as many influencers and celebrities as possible, we go the other way by being highly selective with who we bring Under the Palms. This helps us ensure that the jobs the client needs executed with the help of the Two Palms family will always be of the highest calibre, with vetted metrics, professional reporting, innovative designs and smooth sailing.

If you represent a product or service that needs to utilise the power of celebrity talent with far-reaching audiences and impeccable production skills, we have the right people for you. Whether it’s to get your company’s message in front of more people locally, or to participate in a worldwide campaign, our social media talent agency is here to help.

Two Palms are delighted to be the best talent agency in Sydney, with our work covering all of Australia, New Zealand and further abroad. We take celebrity talent management seriously, and when you engage one of our team you can kick back and relax knowing that you are working with the best.

We’re a Sydney Talent Agency that cares as much about our clients as we do our fantastic team, so get in touch today and find out how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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