Palmies Gone Paddleboarding

Ever wondered what a day at the Two Palms Office looks like? The new #GoProHERO9 took us on a little paddle-boarding adventure.

fter weeks of sitting stationary at our desks, frantically getting ready for the launch of GoPro’s latest masterpiece, the GoProHERO9, we decided it was our turn to have an adventure and test out its new features!

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Even though a deadly storm was forecast, the Two Palms team headed off to Manly for what turned out to be a beautifully sunny and clear Monday afternoon paddle boarding session.

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It was an epic afternoon testing out the GoProHERO9’s TimeWarp 3.0, HyperSmooth 3.0, 5k video, 20MP Photos and Duration Capture. Want to get a rundown of our afternoon and an exclusive first look at all the content we shot? Watch our latest episode of Under The Palms!

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UNDER THE PALMS: Episode 26 This week Under The Palms, we took some time as a team to enjoy a lovely afternoon out paddleboarding to test out the new features of the #GoProHERO9 - we came close to cancellation due to a forecasted storm (Lucy was perhaps a touch negative and tried to stop us all from going - although some would argue she was perhaps looking out for the team’s safety and wellbeing, like the loving and kind person she is 😜), but we ended up having a pretty magical afternoon out on the water! Ed also spent some time with #TwoPalmsTalent, Sarah and Kurt, and we finally met the new furry member of the Boss Hunting team! Thanks for tuning into our weekly wrap. Voiceover brought to you as always by Nick Kavo 💁‍♂️ Featuring: @sinaedeisenhut7 @lucycoulthart @maxigloria @edringwood @ellenhermelin @harryysweeney @nicklovinadventure @bhofficial @chickpea.ig @sarahs_day @kjtilse #TwoPalmsMedia #UnderThePalms

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Impressed by what you see? Pick one up for yourself here.

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