The TikTok World Explained

Our favourite Gen Z social media platform is rolling out a number of new features to enhance creator relationships, in app shopping, video editing and many more.

This week, we’re taking a deeper look at all of TikTok’s upcoming Ad Features, so you’re in the know in case anybody asks.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, TikTok in lame terms is an app for making and sharing short videos. And whether you like it or not, TikTok is changing up way we use social media — so there’s no point in ignoring it. Brands, creators and businesses alike are now jumping on the TikTok band wagon and we’re excited to see where the platform will take online marketing in the many months/years to come. 

TikTok has levelled up their game, passing go, and collecting $200 on the way. A couple of weeks ago they hosted their very first TikTok World business event. The event showcased the release of a new range of tools and techniques brands can now use to maximise their accounts potential and reach. They also announced plans to monetise their billion+ audience which included a strong push to help its creators capitalise on their TikTok following. 

It’s not rocket science to know that brand/creator partnerships are a key element in maximising brand performance. So lets dive into some of TikTok’s newest and (in our eyes) coolest branding features:

Updates to TikTok’s Marketplace

TikTok’s Creator Marketplace will be getting a facelift making it easier for brands to find and connect with influencers in their niche. Matching brands and creators to fit every campaign, brand voice and budget. Some snazzy new features include filtering based on the type of content they post, more detailed performance insight and in depth sorting tools. Brands using Creator Marketplace can now also ‘helicopter mum’ elements of the creative process and oversee real-time campaign performance. 

Open Application Campaigns

Think of this like a Seek or Genero for TikTok, letting brands list upcoming campaigns for interested creators to pitch and apply for. Feel free to check out the updated here.

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Creative Center

TikTok announced the launch of their new Creative Centre, designed to help inspire the creative process and help brands to understand what’s trending on the platform in real time. Here advertisers can explore the top-performing ads, latest trends and sounds/songs. This new feature is the golden ticket to finding new trends, helping brands change up their TikTok campaign strategies. 

TikTok dedicated video editor

Partnering with Vimeo Create, TikTok also launched a new video editor to encourage and guide advertisers through the creative process. Making editing TikTok’s oh so much more efficient, this editor includes custom templates, editing tools and copyright music. 


Dynamic Showcase Ads

For eComms brands that have no clue in ad creation, never fear because TikTok is also developing Dynamic Showcase Ads. The feature allows brands to auto promote their products, creating target audiences that aligned to a specific user behaviours and interests. In short, your ads will now only be shown to your ideal consumer. 

Dynamic Social Ads

Evolving in-stream shopping 

TikTok is working on expanding their platforms product listings to display a plethora of options, similar to the product listings we see now on our Facebook feeds. The best bit? Users can now ‘checkout’ and purchase a product without ever leaving the app.

Interactive ad products

Saving the best for last! TikTok shared its plan to introduce interactive ad formats, inviting users to interact with ads trough taps, swipes, likes and more. Here we’ve added some of the coolest examples below: 


Now hold your horses because not all of these features are available to brands JUST YET. But stay tuned for more details to come! TikTok is really shaking up the social media landscape and we’re excited what new opportunities it holds for both creators and brands. So for anyone who is reading this, nows the time to get on TikTok. 

*downloads TikTok*

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