The Two Palms HQ

The Two Palms Media Team has moved into a new office, and it's even cooler than you're imagining!

Since the Two Palms team has relocated into our new office on William Street in Darlinghurst, many have stopped by for a coffee, others have claimed a desk to be part of the weekly Two Palms fun, and a fair few come by on Fridays to have a play on our PS4.

To all those who haven’t yet visited the new Two Palms Media HQ: you’re missing out!


A little backstory on how we got here: surprisingly, in the midst of COVID-19, the Two Palms team actually started to expand (we were definitely luckier than most), and we decided that it was time for a change of scenery aka office! Fairly quickly, we stumbled upon a bright, cosy and loft-style office space and immediately knew that this was the one. To get the whole team involved, our director Ed challenged everyone to come up with a creative, but reasonable floor-plan. While some drew their ideas with pen and paper, others made use of their computer skills on InDesign, Powerpoint and Paint. Safe to say, Ed quickly regretted having opened up the discussion of decking out the office, when our joint Pinterest board started incorporating secret meeting rooms, glass telephone booths, floating aquariums and office hangmats!

Fast forward to July, when restrictions started to ease and the team started coming back into the office, our HQ started to get a little more personality. From building desks to buying a neon light sign, everyone got their hands dirty to make the space feel special. Since then, our new office has been a bustling hub for creatives, colleagues and friends, and the 4 walls in which our ideas take form. The Two Palms team has also welcomed two more employees (hi Harry, hi Ellen), a number of plants to give the space a more female touch (all still alive and thriving), and a second freezer to accommodate all the tasty product from our dairy-free ice-cream client, So Delicious.

If you’re intrigued, come by and say hi!

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